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Job Titles for Modern Parents--(Featured on Frazzled Parents)--add these headers to your LinkedIn.

What Ails Public Schools--Mommas, don't let your babies grow up to be politically extreme.

Too Many Daves: A Meditation on Family Size--In which I discuss the elder Gosselin twins.

Before You Leap: How a Bastardized Muppet Saved My Sanity During My Parents' Divorce  --Kermit is a bad-ass muppetf*cker.

Enough Already With the Moon--What's what in terms of fashionable celebrity birth announcements.

Yoga Poses for Your Upcoming Diaper Change--This morning I'm inviting you to visualize no longer sh*tting yourself.

Parenting Your First Child Vs. Your Sixth--Baby Barracuda is a Raffi song, right?

Juice Box Money--Bad #MomParody song lyrics.

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