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Curriculum Vitae

 *************My (MOSTLY FAKE) C.V.****************

Laurel B. Miller
Director of Reproduction Operations, Brennan Group

Research Interests:
Reproductive Biology 
Baby Names
Writing About Parenting and Stuff 

B.S., Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Michigan State University (2004)
M.S. (ABT), Biology, University of Nebraska at Kearney--didn't finish research project due to desire to crank out more babies instead of having a "real" career

Head Habitat Unf*cker, 2004-present

From Deer to Eternity: Evolving Perspectives on Sex Selection and Sex Ratios in Mammals 

Have Children Until the Very Thought of Having More Children Flashes Fresh to Hold and Horrify: When You’re Thinking of Having More Children and Wondering What the Pope Thinks

Your Kiss is On My List: Three Ways to Prioritize Reconnection When You're Gettin' Busy With Parenting

When Google Doesn't Know, Ask Quora: Your Parents Do Support Your Academic Growth, Dammit

Swearing in Context as a New Proposed Developmental Milestone: A Large-Family Longitudinal Study

Come, and Be My Nanny (A poem to my child’s awesome preschool teacher)

Aerospace Names: Rocket Men and Women From Rosa to Rudy and Beyond 

Dr. Seuss Baby Names: The Complete Guide, From Bartholomew to Ziggy 

On the Lighter Side: Sibling Sets to Avoid 

Rollo's Favorite Names: A Memorial Tribute 

Science Geek Chic Names: Biology Department

Wilder Baby Names: Little Names on the Prairie 

Pregnant Chicken:
Scary Sh*t Series: Postpartum Hemorrhage

Advisory Role:
Brennan J, Brennan W, & Brennan E. 2010. How to Use Cooked Oatmeal, Ovaltine Powder, and Milk to Make the Maximum Mess in the Shortest Time. Childhood 1(2): 33-36.

Brennan Z, Brennan G, & Brennan A. 2022.  Hand-to-Hand Combat Within the Confines of a Moving Car. InterBrother Assholery 2(12): 44-47.

The Fallacy of 'He Who Smelt it Dealt it': Deconstructing a Statistically Improbable Scenario in a Household With Six Males. Mathematics of Flatulence 2(9): 10-14.

Brennan E. 2022.  How Thoroughly You're F*cking Up My Universe, Mom. Psychology of Only-Daughters 3(15): 7-10.

*Some of these have yet to be published or actually written.

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