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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Zach's First Sentence, & More

"Mama sick!" [makes barfing noises] -Zach

"Mom, I've been right about things before. And I think you might be having a baby." -Elise, ever-observant

"Mom, if you decide to have another baby, and I'm not saying you are, I'll help change diapers!" -James, making me cry the other day

"Mom, I'm sorry you don't feel good. I love you." -Will


Unknown said...

They're the sweetest!

(Sorry you're sick)

Laurel B. Miller said...

Thanks, dear. The anti-barf meds are helping a little now.

Laurel B. Miller said...

And yes, they are really sweet.

Hippy Goodwife said...

Never a dull moment or how you can't ever really hide anything from your kids.

Laurel B. Miller said...

Carmen! I was trying re-load your blog to my blog list, and got kind of worried because I wasn't finding it. So I've casually stalked you online a little bit in the last few days. Glad to see you again. Hope you are well!

True dat. Kids are smart.