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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Celebrity Babies: Renamed

Ok, so I haven't blogged in awhile.  Since before Halloween, to be exact.

The reason?  We've been pretty busy.  Haven't even had time to put the kids' Halloween pictures or Thanksgiving pictures or funny quotes up, or much of anything, really.

But there is an urgent matter that needs my words of wisdom: the name of the newest Kardashian baby.

Do you ever hear a name someone (usually a famous person) has recently bestowed upon an innocent babe and wistfully imagine renaming him or her?  I do, because I am an elitest name-nerd jerk, and I demand that the names of celebrities' children be matched in terms of style and aesthetics.  Mason, Penelope, and.....Reign?  No, no, no [shakes head slowly].

Here is what they should have named him:  Royal (nickname: Roy).  Royal Disick.  Royal, Pain-in-the-Aston, Disick.  Get it?

But seriously, I think Reign Aston is quite lame, especially next to the down-to-earth names of his siblings.  I think something like Beau (not Reign Beau!) would have been less bombastic, but nobody asked me, unfortunately.

Speaking of "nobody asked me", here are a few other insipid celebrity baby names, revised and updated for your name-nerding pleasure....

Wyatt Isabelle
Autry Abilene

Rainbow Aurora
Aurora Mariel

Cash Van
Dashiell Van

That's all I can think of for now.


Unknown said...

I hadn't read that yet...and I'm equally as disappointed. I thought that Kardashian had at least stayed away from stupid "trendy" names (poor poor North West...what a terrible moniker that is)

Susan has a friend who went all out and named her son a weird made up hybrid of their mothers maiden names (or some such emotional nonsense): Kazdyn. Makes me feel bad for the child this girl is now pregnant with because you just can't have Kazdyn and Steve....that doesn't sound right.

Seems like some people just don't think things through.

Laurel B. Miller said...

I know, I think North West is SUPER unfortunate, especially for a little girl.

Hmm, names for a sibling to K@zdyn.... how about Nydz@k?

Unknown said...

Update: Kazdyn now has a baby sister who's name is Evelyn. Cute name, but they don't match.

Laurel B. Miller said...

That's good, though! I like Evelyn a lot. And I guess they match by virtue of both having the letter y. Evelyn would be on my list if it didn't start with an E; we already have an E and I'm OCD about that for some reason.

How are the kids? Dunno if you will see this, so I'll post on yours elsewhere later...