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Monday, September 23, 2013


"He's about the size of Cragger's Command [LEGO] Ship." -Will, when he saw Zach for the first time

"Smells like scrunched-up diapers with poop inside." -James, when Will waved an old pair of shorts in his face

"I'll have a beer." -hilarious neighbor kid, nonchalantly, as we hit the McDonald's drive-thru while carpooling home from school

"Are you going to be a witch for Halloween?  Because you look like one." -Elise, to a lady we know

"Let's double-douche these guys!" -James, tragically misappropriating the word while playing Nintendo

"MOM, Will just said the C-word!"  [WHAT?!]  "Yeah, he said 'Crap'!" -James

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Unknown said...

Oldest nephew (before I married in and he was my nephew) nonchalantly asked me if I was a scary witch, and when I said no told me I should be a scary witch. Because I was wearing a black tshirt.