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Monday, December 3, 2012


I'm making a knitted blankie from yarn remnants of other projects. Scarves, mostly. This is fun. I made it up (I think). Mind you, I'm no craft bloggeress. If you want to read a real blog about crafts that is refreshing, clear, and Tori Spelling-free, check out my cousin's blog, The Craft Nest. ( Formal learning aside, I am really enjoying myself with this homespun, motley blankie thing.


We attempted to take a wholesome family picture for our Christmas cards this weekend. This involved a modest amount of trespassing into a nearby neighborhood for its attractive water features. It's also been the one solid week per year that it rains in SoCal, but it stopped raining long enough for a few shots of the kids. The only hiccup is that a few of the kids happen to be at a toothy, oversmiling stage that makes them look a little bit like nonhuman primates in said-pictures. Oh well. Faces a mother could love.


Alanna said...

Loving your new posts. Did you see Allan's face on our family photo? It is on my Facebook timeline, you can just use Joe's account to see it, ha, ha!

Laurel B. Miller said...

I absolutely loved your family photo. Maybe I can fly you out here next year so you can take ours.