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Thursday, February 25, 2010

List of Things To Ponder Before Falling Asleep

1. The kids really need haircuts. 'Nuff said.

2. James is a good voice imitator. His favorite thing to do as an adult will probably be to get out his twinkly, Disney voice and give the tankside talks as some sort of volunteer at SeaWorld (but egads, hopefully not for the Shamu Show).

3. What if (insert Loved One's Name) NEVER chooses a hand to write with/quits waking up at night to pee the bed/gets married/appreciates the humor of Frog & Toad/has babies/learns to tie his shoes/recognizes that farts are funny but only in appropriate settings/consistently defends me against his evil mother/flosses regularly?

4. How attractive should a nanny be? Bonus question: how much makeup would the pre-K assistant teacher have to take off before she looks normal?

5. Now that Dad has his driver's license back, will he get into an accident? Should he wear a bike helmet when driving?

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